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Tanesha WestCarr

Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board – Youth Rep 

2016 -  

The objective of the Diaspora Advisory Board is to advise the Minister with responsibility for the Jamaicans overseas community on matters relating to that community. There was an election held in January 2016 and the former youth representative Mr Osheane Chambers was replaced with 



Former Advisory Board Youth Reps 



Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board Member - Future Leader 2013 - 2015




(Current Chairman of Jamaicans Inspired UK)

Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board Member - Future Leader 2011 - 2013





2009 - 2011

First Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board Member


In 2009 (JamIn UK, known then as Jamaica Diaspora Future Leaders UK) worked along with our international youth representatives in Canada and USA and the JDI to try to establish a youth rep to sit on the diaspora advisory board in Jamaica, this was to ensure that the young people under 35 had a voice on the table that brought concerns of the youth diaspora to the Board and also advised the minister with responsibility for diaspora affairs of Jamaica's activity within the regions; namely Canada, USA and the UK.

In 2009 we took a collaborative effort along with the University of the West Indies, Jamaica National UK, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, the Jamaican Diaspora Institute and the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture to stage Jamaica’s first ever Jamaica Diaspora Future Leaders Conference. The conference was held to strengthen the process of building networks of future leaders in the Jamaican Diaspora, towards a more meaningful engagement in Jamaica's development and enhancing the positive perception that future leaders can play a critical role in leadership, governance and developing initiatives, as part of a global plan and the “One Jamaica Concept".


Following from the conference it further aided the effort to ensure a youth representative would sit on the Advisory Board. Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding and the former Junior minister Senator R. Robinson were supportive with this move and as such for the first time in 2011-2013 we had a youth representative from all three regions sit on the advisory board in Jamaica these were; Saffron Jackson (UK), Leo Campbell (Canada), Davig Mullings (USA).


The youth rep who was to be a nominated and an elected young person under 30 would be selected from within the youth diaspora across the regions and would interface with Jamaica diaspora youth community organisations with a view to consolidating and advocating interested or concerns of the youth diaspora. The meetings of the board members are at half year intervals and once biannually in Jamaica.

The Future Leader mandate was to create an unbiased view of the youth diaspora and to feed youth matters to the advisory board.

 Hon Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Kamina Johnson Smith with JamIn UK Chair Nathaniel Peat 

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