Jamaicans Inspired  (JamIn) evolved out of the Jamaica Diaspora Future Leaders which was a body separated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade in Jamaica in 2009 from the then JDYA. 

The JA Diaspora Future Leader movement was founded by young people with the assistance of Professor Neville Ying and endorsed by the then Prime Minister Bruce Golding.  

There were key members from the main diaspora regions helped to forge the strategy in planning a Future Leader Conference in 2009, these were: Saffron Jackson (UK), David Mullins (USA), Leo Campbell  (Canada), Kaysia Vaughan nee' Johnson (Jamaica), Mr Nathaniel Peat (UK), Mrs Trisha Levien (UK), Mr Khori Hyde (UK). This was  to create opportunities that would elevate and empower young people within Jamaica and the UK youth Diaspora. 

In 2009, sponsored by Jamaica National and Victoria Mutual, we collectively organised in partnership with Jamaica Diaspora Institute, JA Diaspora USA, The The JA Disapora Canada Foundation and the Ministry in Jamaica to hold Jamaica's first ever youth focused Diaspora Conference, dubbed "The Jamaica Diaspora Future Leaders Conference" where we forged longterm plans on how to engage the youth diaspora in our respective regions. The way we were to do this was through:

  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Education and its role in our future
  • Mentorship
  • Engaging youth in governance
  • Crime and Violence and
  • Culture, Sport and spirituality

In 2009 after the advice of the GovernorGeneral of Jamaica The Honourable Sir Patrick Allen we added to our foundation the fundamental principles of honesty, punctuality, fairness, respect, forgiveness, sharing, caring and lending a helping hand. 

In 2012 to make a greater standing as a young professionals organisation members changed the name from the Jamaica Diaspora Future Leaders to Jamaicans Inspired which is focussed on driving forward social impact and moblising more within the diaspora.  

We are focussed on assisting individuals and groups to increase their ability to impact the health and vitality of their communities in a positive, sustainable manner through collaboration, education, communication, and cooperation.

What are the objectives?

Capacity Building

We aim to achieve our above aims by:

  • Supporting business growth, entrepreneurship and job creation;
  • Generating income from specialistsales and sports-related services;
  • Enhancing Jamaica’s reputation within the UK and international community ;
  • Addressing the issues of social deprivation, youth crime and violence;
  • Improving health and social well-being of those living in Jamaica and also members of the diaspora;
  • Transcending international differences; through cultural education to reconnect 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Jamaicans, fostering values of friendship, mutual respect and national pride;
  • Encouraging discipline, teamwork, and a competitive spirit to enhance “Brand Jamaica” in the Diaspora regions and help to protect Jamaica’s IP rights.
  • Boost investment & international trade between the Diaspora and Jamaica;


About Us

Jamaicans Inspired is a diaspora organisation which was born out of the Jamaica Diaspora Future Leaders Conference 2009 with aims of capacity building and mobilising the 2nd, 3rd and 4th plus generation Jamaican Diaspora living primarily in the UK and Europe, however with satellite membership accross the globe. 

How we acheive our goals?

We aim to enhance the skills, abilities, resources, and commitment of communities in both Jamaica and UK and community members to nurture unique talents and leadership, and act on challenges and opportunities the community faces. 

As a result, it is hoped that we will create a positive and sustainable growth through collaboration, education, investment, communication, partnership and cooperation. 

Recognising remittances remain Jamaica’s biggest source of foreign exchange inflows, JamIn understand the importance in engaging the diaspora in investment opportunities within Jamaica and thus are partnered with the Jamaica Stock Exchange and other private companies to help to facilitate awareness of the opportunites.

JamIn, through our events, seminars, presentations and training programs hopes to increase opportunities for development, wealth creation and growth. 

We aim to engage in fundraising and enterprising initiatives

A number of fundraising ventures are being considered to facilitate some of the projects that we have initiated. We strongly believe in being innovative and so JamIn will create a variety of merchandise to help sustain the cash flow within the organisation as a social enterprise. 

We aim to lobby youth issues

As a organisation we are committed to being the voice for young Jamaicans throughout the UK, Jamaica and the world. We endeavor to promote and protect the interests of all young Jamaicans.