Our Projects

Jamaicans Inspired is focused on the development of Jamaica, through social investment in Health, Education, Elevation from Poverty and Philanthropic giving. 

Jamaicans Inspired with Olympian Yohan Blake

JamIn Parish Ambassador Project & Voice of Jamaica in partnership with the JCDC 

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Go Take a Hike!

JamIn in partnership with Ministry of Health, North East Regional Health Authority (NERHA)

 Fundraising  towards Medical Equipment and provisions for St Anns Bay Infirmary 


Don't be left behind book now for the 2020 hike.

Once you reach you can:

  • Go bobsledding
  • Soar High above the Trees Abroad the Sky Explorer
  • Zip through the forest with our canopy zip lines (slight extra cost)
  • Experience the Mystic Water Slide, Infinity Edge Pool and much much more for this amazing excursion fundraiser.

Join in the fun and fund-raise with us by hiking up the mountain for the 1st time!

Email : exec@jamaicans-inspired.com

Jamaica Housing for the Poor Program

JPAP Emergency Projects in Partnership with GO Ministries 

The poverty rate in Jamaica stands at 16.5%, having increased in the past two years. The result is that a larger proportion of the population now falls below the poverty line and inequality has risen, in many instances heightening vulnerabilities of the most-at-risk populations, including women, children & young people.

Jamaicans Inspired alongside on the ground partners GO Ministries have taken up the task to rebuild one home in every parish every quarter. This project is working in conjunction with JPAP and is focused on:

  • Sustainable Development
  • Alleviation from Poverty
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Capacity Growth
  • Employment

So far we have fundraised and built 5 pop up homes for severly impoverished families. The most recent build was for a family who suffered the lost of a husband and father due to murder. The deceased man was the sole provider to his wife and the 7 children that lived in a unaceptable shack. 


Jamaicans Inspired UK fundraised for this project and rebuilt a house for the family. To gt involved in this project for 2019/20 please contact us on exec@jamaicans-inspired.com

The Showcase of Excellence

The Showcase of Excellence is a celebration of the accomplishment of many Jamaican Future Leaders from a wide range of professions. The High Profile event normally held in the heart of Financial London helps to reverse the negative stereotypes of our young Jamaicans and assists to strengthen the promotion of Jamaica and Jamaicans positively within the UK.  

The evenings are fun, entertaining, exciting and very inspirational with a variety of presentations and entertainment from Jamaican Young leaders living within the UK.

      Above image taken at The Showcase of Excellence hosted by Barclays at Barclays HQ, Canary Warf.

If you know of any outstanding young Jamaicans in the following fields and would like to suggest their name for our 2016 Showcase, please let us know below:

  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Music & Performing Arts
  • Sport
  • Charity
  • Academic Excellence
  • Professional

To recommend someone for the Showcase of Excellence please email us

info@jamaicans-inspired.com or use the comment box below.

JamIn Teenpreneur Idea Into a Reality Business Workshop

The JamIn  "Teenprenuer" event is a workshop established for 13-19 years olds to gain the neccessary skills required to start and run a busineness. The workshop moves around the UK in the following cities:

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Manchester

At this workshop participants:

- Facilitate the opportunity for people to network, share their knowledge and experiences and be creative together.

- Measurably increase the enterprise skills of young people and people wanting to start business

- Involve teamwork, action and Business plan development, presentation skills, public speaking, problem-solving and one-on-one interaction, writing press releases.

- Allow participants to acquire valuable knowledge to develop their entrepreneurial skills

-  The events enable support organisations to connect with aspiring / existing entrepreneurs to share issues and create a better understanding of what entrepreneurs need and what practical support is on offer.   

- Include follow-ups, a vital component of the workshop series.

- Actively enable young people to turn their enterprise ideas into action 

- Improve young people’s attitudes towards entrepreneurship and their ability to be enterprising