JamIn UK "Teenprenuer" Event with KPMG 


The JamIn UK “Teenprenuer” London event was held at KPMG Canary Warf Head Quarters on 25th August. The room was packed with 40 keen and excited young people that attended. The event started with a bang in usual JamIn style as young people were given the opportunity to pitch random objects they found in the bag provided to the other participants, the exercise was funny, entertaining and very creative, given that the pitchers had to do it in under a minute it made it even more entertaining.

They then briefly heard from Paula Rouque, Assistant Director of Corporate Responsibility & Corporate Affairs about the opportunities young people can have with KMPG.

The event taught the teenagers how to start and enhance their business and about the key factors that can help them to successfully start up and run a business during a period of economic volatility after BREXIT.

There was a live music performance by MOBO Award winning singer / songwriter Lurine Cato who gave a great rendition of her song POWER.

All of the young people left inspired and some even decided they were going to launch their businesses the next day. There was three business that the teens had already launched (the youngest CEO being 15) and the workshop aided them in developing the strategies that will help them to grow.

Maliaka Rose, 18 from London commented

“I thought the workshop and event was truly outstanding. I was really impressed with the overall presentation of the talk and some of the activities that required interaction, such as the numbers game. I would love the opportunity to attend similar workshops that target those aged 18 and above.”

The JamIn Teenprenuer event will next be running in London and then in the Manchester. If you would like to attend any future TeenPrenuer events please email exec@jamaicans-inspired.com the next event will be in November 2017. Stay tuned on our events page for more information.

At this workshop we:

- Facilitate the opportunity to network, share their knowledge and experiences and be creative together.

- Measurably increase the enterprise skills of young people and people wanting to start business

- Involve teamwork, action and Business plan development, presentation skills, public speaking, problem-solving and one-on-one interaction, writing press releases.

- Allow participants to acquire valuable knowledge to develop their entrepreneurial skills

-  The events enable support organisations to connect with aspiring / existing entrepreneurs to share issues and create a better understanding of what entrepreneurs need and what practical support is on offer.   

- Include follow-ups, a vital component of the workshop series.

- Actively enable young people to turn their enterprise ideas into action 

- Improve young people’s attitudes towards entrepreneurship and their ability to be enterprising 


Special thanks to KPMG and The Safety Box Youth Services for sponsoring the last event.