Integrated Diaspora Services

Integrated Diaspora Services have joined the business membership and partnership program with Jamaicans Inspired.

On 9th September 2020 Integrated Diaspora Services and Jamaicans Inspired signed a partnership agreement to help the diaspora in connecting with vital services in Jamaica. 

For too long members of the diaspora have been frustrated in waiting in lines for TRN numbers, for NIS numbers. having issues with shipping, funeral arrangement, approvals and other such pains.

To streamline the process, Jamaicans Inspired working with Integrated Diaspora Services provide a business-centric concierge service to help the diaspora in conducting transactions in Jamaica. This service is done when its difficult or impractical for you to get back on the island to get it done yourself.  The service maybe used personally or commercially and it is hoped it will help you to have a better and smoother experience.

Integrated Diaspora Services

Your one stop shop to do business in Jamaica. Connect and make the process smoother.

The Services offered Include:

    • Medication Purchases & Distribution
    • Medical Procedure Transaction Related Services
    • Elderly Care Services
    • Food & Nutrition Related Services
    • Death Care Services
    • Legal Transactions
    • Registration
    • Permits
    • Approvals
    • Renewals
    • Tuition related transactions
    • Training & Certification Services
    • Shipping, Logistics & Procurement
    • Branding & Marketing
    • Property Related Services
    • Community Support Services

    " I am retiring from work and relocating from the UK to Jamaica. Through Jamaicans Inspired I contacted Integrated Diaspora Services about their shipping, the service and customer service I received was excellent."


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    Mammee River,
    Gordon Town P.O.,
    St. Andrews,


    JA Company Registration Number 5143/2020