Global Jamaica Diaspora Council Representatives

Nathaniel L Peat (South Representative UK)

Nathaniel Peat is a Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Engineer and man of many talents and achievements. In 2009 he was integral to the organisation of Jamaica’s first youth diaspora conference and he also served on the Diaspora Advisory Board as the youth rep. Nathaniel is the Chairman of Jamaicans Inspired which is a national and internationally spread organisation having engaged Jamaicans by decent in philanthropic support of Jamaica over the last 10 years. In 2010 he represented Great Britain at the G20 Summit as a delegate for young entrepreneurs. The Financial Times have named him two times; in the UPstanding Leaders Powerlist which ranks 100 Executives in the USA/UK who have reached senior roles in business who champion ethnic diversity, and again as one of the FT top 100 Ethnic Leaders in Technology. Nathaniel is a co-founder & Patron of the EY Foundation (Ernst & Young), co-founder of GeNNex Solar, which provides innovative solar products in Africa. He also founded The Safety Box; a company whose training and development programmes assist with reducing youth violence & help young people develop important skills such as leadership & entrepreneurship. In 2019 Nathaniel was listed in Forbes magazine and received an Honorary Fellowship Award from Brunel University. Nathaniel is passionate about Jamaica, is a positive voice for the community, and advocate wherever he goes.

Dr Kevin Brown (North Representative UK)

Dr Brown was born and grew up in Jamaica and has lived in the North and Midlands for the last 19 years. His grandparents who were part of the Windrush generation lived in Yorkshire from the 1950s. Dr Brown is an Engineer and Project Lead for a global Aerospace company, and he is also the host of a local radio talk show in Nottingham. Kevin is passionate about the Jamaican diaspora community in the UK. After having held leadership positions in several Jamaican community organisations over the last 15 years which has given me the experience and knowledge of the key issues that affect the Jamaican Diaspora in the UK.  Kevin is the current Chair Jamaican Diaspora UK (JDUK) which is a national organisation that seeks to protect the interests of Jamaicans in the UK. Through JDUK he has been actively engaged in bringing issues that affect the Diaspora to the attention of the Jamaican Government including justice for Windrush, immigration and deportation, safety of returning residents, national diaspora policy, youth engagement, and improved Jamaica government services for the diaspora. 

Thara Johnson-Reid Global Jamaica Diaspora Council Youth Rep for South UK

Following appointment by the Minister of Foreign Affairs - Thara Johnson-Reid was nominated to serve a second term on the Diaspora Council. In her first term, Thara was selected by the UN High Commission for Human Rights as a leader to act against sexism and racism. With her colleagues, Thara wrote supporting documents of the transformative National Diaspora Policy, since ratified in parliament.

Thara facilitates philanthropy at the High Commission and led successful efforts to raise $50,000,000 for the island’s healthcare infrastructure. A Biology graduate, Thara is an active member of the Planet working group. With the UN IOM she leads projects to improve Jamaica’s climate resilience.

This year, following concerns raised by diasporans, Thara was delighted by Jamaica’s accession to the Madrid Protocol, protecting its intellectual property. Thara’s understanding is informed by experience of both countries and conversations with Jamaicans in inner-city, rural and hillside communities.

Thara became engaged after observing hemorrhagic emigration from Trelawny and St.James, she remains committed to a Jamaica that all citizens can return to and enjoy.

Thara is a communications consultant for leading multinationals. She was educated at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, The University of Leeds and The University of London.

Shermara Fletcher - Global Jamaica Diaspora Youth Council North Representative 

Shermara Fletcher is a dynamic millennial leader which notably saw her read before the world in front of 4.1 billion people for the late Queen Elizabeth 11’s funeral on the 19th of September 2022. Shermara is also the Youngest ever appointed Principal Officer for Pentecostal, Charismatic and Multi-cultural Relations at Churches Together in England. She is also a WFWP UN recognised ambassador of world peace, the Patron of the London Refugee Fund and Sir Halley Stuart Trust Trustee.  

Shermara has featured on many broadcasts including BBC world News, CNN, Talk TV, TBN UK, The God Channel, is a writer and has contributed chapters to several books, most recently in Young Woke and Christian edited by Victoria Turner and Coming Home: Christian perspectives on housing by Graham Tomlin.
In recognition of her work, Shermara was invited to the Prime Minister’s 2022 faith leaders’ reception, was awarded the 2022 universal peace award and was the recipient of the MAB International 2022 Young leader of the Year award. Shermara also received the 2020 Exceptional Young Woman award from The Wise Women Awards, and the 2019 community recognised project award by the Queen’s London Lord Lieutenant for her contribution to the homelessness sector.

Shermara has a passion for social integration, minority communities and developing young people. Her embodied example, influence and leadership has seen her help many young people into prominent positions of authority and influence in the faith and political sector.


The Global Jamaica Diaspora Council is a mechanism geared at facilitating more effective engagement between Jamaica and the Diaspora. It reflects inclusivity, expansion and collaboration among and within the Jamaican Diaspora and reinforces the critical partnership between Jamaica and its Diaspora for national development.  

The concept of the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council evolved out of discussions with the Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board members and other stakeholders, including the Jamaica Economic Growth Council, who agreed that there needed to be an expansion of the engagement within the Diaspora to include new and emerging regions where Jamaicans reside.

The Council is an advisory and consultative body that will create pathways for increased engagement with the Jamaican Diaspora.

Membership of the Council comprises of 28 members, providing for global representation and expertise drawn from principal social and economic development sectors. The Council includes Diasporans from Africa, Asia and the Pacific, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.   It also consists of Diasporans with a high level of proficiency in the following sectors: Education, Citizen Security, Health and Wellness, the Arts, Sports and Culture, the Faith-based Community, Development Issues and Commerce.

Young people between the ages of 18 and 35 years will continue to form part of the engagement structure, holding 7 seats on the new Council, as they remain critical to the sustainability of the Diaspora Movement.

With respect to the term of office, members will now serve for three years, compared with tenure of two years for the Diaspora Advisory Board.  This longer term of office will allow members more time to achieve the agreed deliverables during their tenure.  

Additional Resources can be found below:

Global Jamaica Diaspora Council Terms of Reference (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

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