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Jamaicans Inspired UK (JamIn UK) also known as The Jamaican Diaspora Future Leaders UK is an official Jamaican youth organisation operating in the UK.

We are a-political and the organisation was established to help reconnect Jamaican 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Jamaicans back to Jamaica. 

Our aims are to reconnect young people across the Jamaican Diaspora living in the UK, we aim to:

  • To connect UK Jamaicans back to Jamaica on trips and cultural experiences, to partner with Jamaica in assisting youth programs and the development of young people within the country. 
  • To find opportunities for people wishing to relocate back to Jamaica 
  • To help individuals set up business & charity in Jamaica, to promote dual nationality and to create a forum of discussion.
  • To foster entrepreneurship and talent amongst our members within the UK
  • To assist Jamaica and our members in the areas of Health, Education and Sport & Culture.
  • To mobilise and empower leadership

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