Kyesha’s aspiration is to blaze a trail for a ‘Jamaican Youth Movement’ where through positive role model and mentorship she will motivate young women especially to aim high for their goals. Through her singing, love of poetry and film she intends to educate and promote positive viable achievements. She is a trained journalist and experienced Public Relations and Marketing personnel.


Kyesha’s project is a dynamic “Motivate Montego Bay Campaign” hashtag #motivatemobay which as the 2016 Miss Jamaica Festival Queen will take on a National focus. The project is twofold with a focus on running an inspirational School Tour (across Jamaica) with emphasis in St. James, and executing a Mo’Peace (Mo Bay 5k Walk/Run for Peace).

The School Tour is designed to motive and inspire young people at the high school level, to value and respect themselves and others, and to purpose and commit their time to positive recreational activities. The project will see motivational seminars being organized for each parish and for a series of seminars to be implemented in St. James at a zonal level. At the end of each seminar a mini concert will showcase talents. Each school will be tasked with coming up with a performance piece to be featured live on stage at the end of the Mo Bay Peace Walk/Run. The Culture Clubs in schools Programme will pilot the School Tour programme and will run from October 2016 – January 2017.

The Mo’Peace 5k Walk/Run will take on a National focus with the walk/run being held in Montego Bay. The project will be in accordance with the Culture Clubs in the Parish of St. James and the various institutions and communitie.  MO’PEACE will be a one day event in the form of a 5K walk/run, seeking to encourage togetherness, peace, raise funds and awareness.

The MO”PEACE will feature an after show that will promote the performing arts. The concert is slated for Montego Bay Cultural Arts Centre, historical Sam Sharpe Square. Proceeds from the 5K will be contributed to a charitable organization to aid children that lost their parents to tragedy in the Parish. Persons will have the opportunity to do a blue hand print wall at the end of the 5K (walking/running in memory of a friend, family or loved one lost to a tragic circumstance). The walk/run is being projected to be held in February 2017.

The project is estimated to cost approximately US$10,000.00 and will be funded through sponsorships, partnerships and donations. Entry fee to the walk/run will also garner funds.

MISS CLARENDON FESTIVAL QUEEN (Placed in the Top 5 Finalists Round)



Meisha’s aspiration is to become a noted Marketing Executive with special interest in media.


Meisha’s project is focused on building awareness of Jamaica’s Cultural Heritage and Arts Development and is entitled C.A.T.S which is an acronym for Culture, Arts and Theatre for Students with Special Needs. The project was conceptualized with the aim to use a different approach to teach, as well as to mentor, students with special needs while creating for them an awareness of the Jamaican cultural heritage. Meisha has gained some experience in training and mentoring students at the Randolph Lopez School of Special Education located in Papine, Kingston, Jamaica and proposes to use this knowledge to serve the special needs students in Clarendon at the Windsor School of Special Education located in Denbigh and Bushy Park.

The main goals include:

ØImplementation of C.A.T.S programme to develop a deeper cultural awareness;

ØTo encourage personal development through the adoption of discipline gained from the performing arts;

ØTo develop daily living (survival) skills and encourage entrepreneurship within participants;

ØTo establish an art exhibition and concert as an income earner to support the project

ØTo build awareness within the May Pen community about students with special needs underling the fact that they have a say and a part to play in our community;

ØImprove the school’s potential and participation in the JCDC’s Deaf Dance competition.

ØSolicit partnership with the HEART Trust NTA in the provision of certification for some of the learning modules.

The Project will engage volunteers and incorporate the teachers at the school in the training of the special needs students. Funding will be mainly through Parish Queen own resources, surplus from concert staged and the soliciting of sponsorship and donations. It is estimated to cost approximately US$3000.00. The Project is to be implemented from October 2016 – March 2017.




Chavaun’s aspiration is to become a Social Worker extraordinaire, serving the people of Jamaica in a very meaningful way.


Chavaun’s project is entitled “CULTURE S.H.A.A.C.!” which means Culture Sharing through Heart and Arts Creatively. The essence of the project is to continue to build awareness of our cultural heritage. The project will be piloted through Culture Clubs, specifically in high schools in Hanover namely Merlene Ottey High, Hopewell High and Rusea’s High.

The main objectives include:

ØTo build the awareness of our cultural heritage in the culture clubs;

ØTo successfully promote and sustain our culture and heritage in our culture clubs;

ØTo encourage integration and build mutual relationships among the high school students;

ØTo showcase the talent of the youths in these cultural clubs.

The project will be implemented under these themes:

MAX UP DI TING- This session will involve the visual arts where the schools will compete against each other in producing artwork in different categories such as 2D and 3D artwork within six minutes in front of a live audience.

VIBES TIME- Schools will have to team up in groups of three to produce a combination of dances that are traditional and modern and will be judged on creativity and context. They will also need to provide information on the history of theses dances and the transition.

TALK BOUT- The various schools will be challenged to create a speech presentation from the different genres such as Standard English, dub-poetry and dialect on the topic: MY JAMAICAN HISTORY and they must use the tagline “Wi ting tall, nuh weh nuh betta dan yaad”.

PRESENTATION OF DI NATION-workshop showcasing aspects of our Jamaican and parish culture and the journey of CULTURE S.H.A.A.C. This will include: photographs of the entire journey, the talent pieces and the poems created in the process. A quiz will also follow after to test their newfound knowledge.

The project is estimated to cost US$3000.00 and will be funded mainly through sponsorship.




Shanique’s aspiration is to become an entrepreneur in the Skin Care Industry and an author, motivational speaker and life coach.


Shanique’s project is entitled “Cultural and Environmental Outreach (CEO)” and is focused on inspiring positive behavioural changes through cultural awareness and environmental responsibility. The goal of the project is to heighten awareness of culture and environment and to show how both are co-dependent in leading to a developed and successful nation.

The project will seek to engage the students, teachers and parents of the Mountain View Primary School. The project will be piloted through the Culture Club with special interest in Culture and the Environment. Activities will include: Cultural and Environmental education, Quizzes, Poster competitions, Essay competitions, Awards, Tree planting exercises & cleanups and Tours of heritage and environmental sites.

The objectives are clear and include:

1. To expose students and parents to heritage and environmental sites for recreational and educational purposes;

2. To increase awareness of the students on endemic Jamaican animals;

3. To heighten cultural norms and values amongst students and parents through the culture club;

4. To fortify the effectiveness and improve the quality of school’s cultural activities for Heritage Week, Black History Month, Heroes Day, etc.;

5. Instill greater level of self-confidence and self-worth in Environmental Responsibility;

7. To show students practical means by which to preserve ‘Brand Jamaica’ through caring for the natural environment;

8. Minimize the number of plastic bottles in the environment by collecting and using them creatively.

The project will be implemented through the assistance of the school’s leadership, the JCDC volunteers and led by the Festival Queen. The programme is schedule to run from September 2016- May 2017. Funding will be gained mainly through sponsorship, partnerships and donations and is projected to cost approximately US$3000.00.




Sharmica’s aspiration is to become an entrepreneur and helping to develop young people into leaders


Sharmica’s project is an innovative one using the #iSPEAK and the tagline…”I Speak…You Speak….We Speak!” the project focuses on using her organization to  fashion ‘Toastmasters International’ type youth specifically through high school students.

The main goals/objectives of the #iSPEAK project include:

ØTo assist high school students overcome their fear of public speaking;

ØTo transform adolescents into leaders before matriculating into university in an effort to make the transition a smooth process;

ØTrain and certify at least 100 students within the parish by May 2017

ØTo position #iSPEAK as the organization of choice for persons desirous of becoming better speakers and leaders;

ØTo have #iSPEAK registered with the Companies Office of Jamaica by the end of my reign in May 2017.

The project will be implemented mainly through high schools in the parish of Manchester and will focus on students with low esteem or fear of public speaking. Teachers in the high schools and the general public will also be targeted. Training will incorporate the principles of the Toastmaster International programme and will ultimately see presentations in a Public Speaking Competition.

PROGRAM PROCEDURE: At the beginning of each term, schools within each zone will participate in the #iSPEAK challenge where they will be given impromptu speeches as well assignments to prepare speeches. At the end of the term, the top schools within each zone (based on number of points accumulated) will face off for the coveted #iSPEAK Championship trophy. Throughout the term, students will be rewarded incentives for their efforts and each participant will be given a Certificate of Participation. Members of NCU’s debate team will be used as facilitators for this project as part of their mandatory outreach activities.

The project is estimated to cost approximately US$3000.00 and will seek sponsorship, partnerships and donations.




Kristina’s aspiration is to become one of Jamaica’s top Medical Technologist.


Kristina’s Project is one that has been long in the making, the crowning of a ‘Mister Festival King’. This is a project aimed at young men of the Parish of Portland to get them involved in a competition that will see them actively engaged in building their cultural awareness and personal development. The ‘King’ identified will become a cultural ambassador and become actively engaged in promoting cultural heritage, performances and attendance at cultural and heritage events and sites. The talent identified will be developed to possible leading to a career in the skill area.

The objectives of the project include:

ØTo expose and showcase the talents of young men by providing training in areas of talent, general knowledge, etiquette etc.;

ØTo aid in personal development so as to enhance the characters of our contestants; and

ØTo develop the leadership qualities of our contestants, so as to make them better Cultural Ambassadors.

The event profile includes:

Mister Festival King Competition would actively involve the males of our community. The main thrust of this programme is to make young men shun a life of crime and become more aware of the contribution they can make to community development and nation building, as they strive towards attaining their personal goals. The programme will provide training in personal development, showcase talents of the contestants and develop their leadership qualities. In addition the showcasing event aims to be a family fun filled event and should receive some traction as a first time unique event in Portland. Part proceed of the event would be used to purchase supplies for the Port Antonio Infirmary.

The Mister Portland Festival King Coronation is scheduled to be held on Saturday March 4, 2017 at the Port Antonio High School Auditorium at 8:00pm. The Event is estimated at approximately US$4000.00 and will be funded mainly through sponsorship, donations and partnerships.




Khadene’s aspiration is to become one of Jamaica’s top Chartered accountant and a writer. She serves as an Ambassador at Jamaica Intensive Reading Clinic.


Khadene’s Project title is ‘TeamALPHACare’ with a theme of “Wear it Gold, Healthy and Bold”.  This project will focus on community health education, with specific focus on diabetes and hypertension in the parish. Recent national surveys among persons 15 to 74 years of age have showed an upward trend in the prevalence of diabetes and hypertension in Jamaica. According to Dr. Tanesha Davis from the St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital “hypertension and diabetes are silent killers and their long term effects on the body occur over years”.

This project aims to:

ØEducate commuters on the significance of early screening for the early detection or prevention of diabetes and hypertension.

ØCreate awareness on the lifestyle changes (such as reducing blood sugar, exercising regularly and incorporating adequate fruits, nuts and vegetables in their diets) one can make to reduce the risk of diabetes and hypertension.

ØEmpower commuters who have been diagnosed with diabetes and or hypertension to play a greater role in the management of their illnesses by taking their medications on time; getting active and controlling the blood sugar, cholesterol and sodium levels in their bodies among other practices.

ØInform commuters on the procedures to obtain a NHF or JADEP card to assist with medical costs where applicable.

The Project will be delivered through Seminars across communities and will focus on building awareness through testing, screening and diagnosis. The Seminars will be delivered by doctors and nurses through subsidized financial support. It is estimated to cost approximately US$3000.00.

MISS ST. CATHERINE FESTIVAL QUEEN (Placed in the Top 5 Finalists Round)


Godiva’s aspiration is to operate her own Technology Company and Social Enterprise to  promote social cohesion and economic empowerment through arts and sports as well as build on peace initiatives and booster Community Tourism.


Godiva’s project title is “Experience St. Catherine”. The long term goal of this project is to boost community tourism in St. Catherine by showcasing popular and historic sites alongside the vibrant culture artistic nature of the people of St. Catherine.

The objectives include:

  • 1.Train twenty (20) youth in film production and animation;
  • 2.Create a fifteen (15) episode series highlighting St. Catherine’s Heritage and Culture;
  • 3.Promote top performing groups in JCDC’s Performing Arts Competition at Parish Level;
  • 4.Increase income generation of communities by enhancing their tourism package;
  • 5.Foster greater awareness of and pride in the heritage and culture of St. Catherine by its residents.

The Project will be implemented through the following activities:

  • Engage 20 young persons in a 8-week film and animation course taught by Jah Works Productions Company and supported by the Spanish Town Youth Information Centre;
  • Produce 15 10-minute episodes of series entitled “Experience St. Catherine” filmed by Jah Works Production and supported by the Walks Road Association for Youth Empowerment and students of the film and animation course;
  • Create a website;online marketing fora for the promotion of “Experience St. Catherine”;
  • Conduct workshops geared towards developing community tourism capacity in Spanish Town, Portmore, Ewarton, Old Harbour and Linstead.

The project is designed to run from July 2016 to May 2017 at an estimated budget of US$3,500.00. Support will be galvanized through partnerships, sponsorship and donation of time and resources.




Ann-Marie’s aspiration is multifaceted. She plans to first serve as a teacher of Business Education, become a Parish Councillor for her Division, establish her own business and travel the world.


Ann-Marie’s project is based on social and entrepreneurial development of youths ages 16-32 in the parish of St. Elizabeth. She will pilot the project in the District of Junction targeting surrounding communities of Tryall, Banton Town and Ballards Valley to pull participants in training for the first year. Training will be in the areas of Visual, Literary, Culinary, Performing Arts and a Sport.

The Project is long term in its vision and will focus on youth development and cultural retention for economic sustainability.  The short term objectives include the following tenets:

ØTrain a minimum of  30 youths in the first year, in a Basic Introduction from a General and Economic perspective in the areas of: Culture, Gender Affairs, Entertainment & Sports

ØInstitute/Maintain at least 3  cultural/performing groups per community in the first year;

ØInstitute/Maintain at least 3 sporting teams per community in the first year;

ØImplementing at least one (1) program related fundraiser (Community Arts & Sports Day Exposition).

The project will be delivered in a structured manner soliciting the assistance of certified trainers to deliver the main subject areas including sport. Sponsorship and partnership will be garnered from a wide list of prospects. The project is estimated to cost approximately US$5000.00 in the initial start-up cost as areas such as Visual, Culinary, Performing Arts and Sports will require instruments and gadgets to get the programme up and running. The implementation of a fundraiser at the end of the training programme will provide projected surplus to assist with project viability.

It is being projected that youths will be self-sufficient in finding an entrepreneurial niche and sustaining an economic life. The project is estimated to cost approximately US$3000.00.

MISS ST. MARY FESTIVAL QUEEN (Winner of Most Congenial Prize & 2nd Runner-Up Winner to the Queen



Monique is poised to be a Creative Marketing and Advertising Executive. She envisions her hand-made jewelry being sold world-wide and specifically in the Tourism Industry in Jamaica. She also aims to pioneer a television ‘Talk Show’ focused  on Outstanding Jamaican,  Lifestyle and Culture.


Moniue’s project is entitled “Girls Incorporated”. It is an ‘all-girl’ social group where being a woman is celebrated! The movement seeks to generate awareness on the issues faced by young girls and women locally and to combine efforts to engender change to meet women’s unique demands. ‘Girls Inc.’ aims to inform women on the human rights that are owed to them regardless of their age, status, background, educational achievements etc. and other vital information that will promote their well-being. The organization will also provide a space that will foster positive interaction and sisterhood, instilling within women the moral to be their sister’s keeper. Through ‘Girls Inc.’, women will be given the opportunity to explore new talent, hone existing skills and share their unique skill-set with others. Fundamentally, ‘Girls Inc.’ will help to shape women who possess high self-esteem and who are serious about personal and communal development.

The Project will be implemented under the following initiatives: Meetings held twice monthly at the grounds of the community’s primary and infant schools; Specially invited female guest- speakers; Girls will explore a particular interest every other month eg. Sewing, where experts in the field will provide training; Specially invited academic institutions will share information on schooling opportunities at the various levels; Girls will engage in ‘heart-to-heart’ rap sessions guided by mental health practitioner; Girls will engage in team-work through gaming activities and sports; Participants will visit health facilities such as infirmaries, girls’ homes, women centres etc. to give back through volunteer services; Girls will embark on various fundraising ventures as a means of sharing aspects of Jamaican culture with the community and garnering funds to off-set expenditure; and Special support and guidance will be provided for young and teenaged mothers from the appropriate institutions.

The Project has been launched since July 2016 and is estimated to cost approximately US$3000.00. Support will be sought through sponsorship, partnership and donations.




Shannay is poised to be lawyer and has a great interest in improving “Mother Earth” Climate Change Projects. She intends to follow her dreams in being a free-lance writer, and later to work on her novel and an Anthology.


As the Parish Cultural ambassador with special leadership in the growth and development of the JCDC Culture Clubs Programme in schools and community groups, Shannay’s Project will focus on the restoration and establishment of Culture Clubs. The Project is targeting the establishment of some twenty five Clubs through the use of ‘technology and social media’. The theme: “Next Generation, New Culture Creation” with the hashtag #Culture25STRONG, shall be used to promote all activities of the Culture Clubs in St. Thomas.

The Goals/Objectives of the Project include:

  • 1.To improve the academic lives of youth (aged 6-25) through the use of civic education in the culture club;
  • 2.To attract and keep the attention of the youth cohort through entertaining activities such as concerts and competitions;
  • 3.To develop and strengthen a sense of patriotism and respect;
  • 4.To portray the environment as an important part of our culture and its relation to climate changes;
  • 5.To utilize social media as a platform to promote culture clubs;
  • 6.To empower the women and men in St. Thomas through a mentorship programme in the culture club;
  • 7.To endorse a fledging programme/initiative proposed by a youth leader that will contribute to the sustainable development of human resources in St. Thomas.

Project implementation will be through identification of twenty five (25) schools/community groups to develop the Culture Clubs. Seminars will be conducted to encourage the setting-up of the clubs and visits will be made via social media basis to monitor and motivate sustaining of the clubs. Each Culture Club will be encouraged to design a fundraising project to help identify funds for a cultural worthy cause, for example, visit to historical sites, taking care of the aged

The Project is estimated to cost approximately US$3000.00

MISS TRELAWNY FESTIVAL QUEEN (2016 Winner of Best Performer Prize)


Kacia’s aspiration is to have a career in Corporate Communications. She also loves writing poetry and is the 2016 Winner of the Miss Jamaica Festival Queen Competition Best Performer Prize with her awarding winning dramatic poem about the Jamaican Mosquito.


Kacia’s project is a heart pulling motivating gem entitled “Project Reach Jamaica”. Project Reach Jamaica seeks to alleviate the challenges faced by children (0-17 yrs.) with physical disabilities from Falmouth, Trelawny by providing financial and emotional support through various fund-raising initiatives.

The objectives include:

•To provide financial support through the provision of grants, vouchers and scholarships;

•To provide new/ used medical equipment in mint condition;

•To partner with corporate organizations and support groups in the provision of vocational training opportunities and character building workshops for these children and their peers;

•To implement innovative fundraising initiatives for the funding of all initiatives (Project).  

The Project will be implemented through three (3) creative initiatives:

1. The launching of the ‘Need for Wheels Drive’ initiative. The objective of this initiative is to seek funding from corporate and private institutions across the island for the provision of new or used wheelchairs, in mint condition for the children (1-17 yrs.) within Falmouth.  An interactive ‘Pledge Chart’ will be introduced to show the progress of the ‘Drive’;

2. Seeking partnership with the Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities and Respect Jamaica. The partnership will be for the hosting of vocational training sessions, placement of persons with disabilities under the Ministry of Labour & Social Security for children amongst the group. (15-17yrs.) and running concurrently will be character building workshops for the target group and their peers. The sessions will be called ‘Movements’;

3.The hosting of a ‘REACH’ Family Funday and Concert. All proceeds will go towards the provision of medical equipment and vouchers for the children (1-17 yrs.) Performances will come from the Culture Clubs, J.C.D.C. finalists and Popular Entertainers.

The Project is estimated to cost approximately US$4000.00.

MISS WESTMORELAND FESTIVAL QUEEN (2016 Most Community Involved Contestant & 1st Runner-Up to the Queen Title)



Feleisha’s aspiration is to have an outstanding career in journalism and to use this platform to give a voice to the underprivileged. She has a keen interest also in fashion designing and hopes to establish a clothing line called ‘ShAA’. She is very community oriented and a strong supporter of volunteerism.


With a Bachelor Degree in Journalism under her belt Feleisha’s intention is to start a radio programme entitled “In the Interest of Me”, to raise awareness for those who have lost their voices in society and for those persons who are helpless, and are in dire need of assistance.

Implementation Procedure of the Project includes:

A contract will be established with local radio station to host the programme. The programme will create the ‘platform’ for persons to call in and air their issues/concerns/needs. These issues will be assessed and categorized to determine the kind of assistance that can be arranged. The needs that are identified of a minimal nature, like back to school needs, will be channelled through funds from fundraising initiatives as well as through donations solicited. The needs that are identified of medium to high nature will have more long term solutions which will be garnered through sponsorship and partnerships. The Radio show will also facilitate the sharing of information through psychologist, social workers and pastoral counsellors.

The Radio Programme and its partnership will seek to support the hospital and infirmary with well needed aides. Members of Culture Clubs and the church communities will be incorporated in making the visits to the hospital and infirmary.

Various fundraising ventures will be incorporated to include Sporting competitions, Talent Shows and a Family Funday.

The project is schedule to run from January – March 2017 and is estimated to cost approximately